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My wife and I fully endorse Attorney Richard Ravosa, and his entire staff & Colleagues within his practice.

Atty Richard Ravosa, and his staff helped me and my wife through a very difficult time with Foreclosing on our house and filing for Bankruptcy. They were kind, supportive, extremely knowledgeable in their field of expertise. We were embarrassed and somewhat ashamed of the situation we were in and they welcomed us with open arms, treating us like family. They went with us to court and walked us through the entire process. We have dealt with other Atty Practices and none have been this helpful and supportive. We just found ourselves in another situation needing an Atty and weren’t sure this fell under their practice but they assured us when we called for guidance that they would help us find the best in the field we needed. They do this without asking for any type of compensation and truly care about you. We will never call another Atty for help….it will always be Richard Ravosa and his team. They are top notch professionals who get the job done without delays. One more thing…they call you back within the day of your call with updates and answers. We feel so blessed to have found them.

review from client

The most confident gentleman on earth

I had been toying with the idea of bankruptcy for about six months before I contacted Mr Ravosa. We spoke on the phone several times. If he wasn’t available at the time I could always expect he would call back by the end of the day. I did everything I could to avoid Chapter 7 but realized with his help that It was necessary. I went up to meet with him and was very impressed at his level of confidence and knew things would get moving quickly. I have had little dealings with legal matters and wanted it to stay that way. I was given a list to things I had to do and dates by which I had to do that was clear but impossible in the time frame which I had to work in. I had help and encouragement form the staff. It was a stressful time but things did work out even when the trustee prolonged the case. I think that there were many costs that were absorbed by Mr Ravosa due to the inability for me to meet the deadlines set forth by the court. Overall everything went well and I wish to thank Erica, Cynthia, and Mr Ravosa for the professional and businesslike approach. It is now a year later and things have been and are still turning for the better. Thanks to all.

review from client

In need of a good Bankruptcy lawyer

Richard Ravosa ,Cynthia and staff worked very hard to keep me in my home.I was on the verge of losing my home. With bankruptcy my only option. Cynthia and staff worked very hard on my case witch was not easy. this team helped me and my family stay in or home and get back on track. I would have lost my home if I had not called this law firm! thank you Mr Ravosa and Cynthia

review from client

Best Attorney!

My husband and I were left in a bad situation when were no longer had our previous attorney for unforseen reasons, We are blessed to have found attorney Ravosa, he and his staff guided us all the way through the process and kept their promise. They are a blessing to us!


Courtney & Peter

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