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Attorney Ravosa should be the one you call for bankruptcy needs

I contacted attorney Ravosa to see if he could help with some overwhelming revolving debts. He negotiated with our lenders and was able to resolve one debt of my wife’s for penny’s on the dollar. The remaining debts were much to high to be feasibly resolved and although I feared bankruptcy his team led me through the chapter 13 process. They are very detail oreineted and walked slowly. Sometimes I wondered why things were asked a second time but in the end it all made sense. They want to have the right information and make sure it’s correct for a successful outcome for all involved. The fees for this were very reasonable seeing the outcome. The chapter 13 plan was going well when we had an unforeseen very large drop in income and additional expenses that made the payments unaffordable. In consulting with Richard and his wife Cynthia they felt a conversion to chapter 7 would be feasible. They let me know it may not be easy do to my income and other circumstances. They fought very hard for much longer than we expected keeping me posted as to every detail and move that they made not only after instituting but beforehand.

I hope to never need their services again, but would contact them without hesitation in the unfortunate case that I do. I can say of all the professionals I have dealt with in my life they have worked the hardest of any. Honestly and hard work is what you can expect. I hate to think what would of happened to my family and my home if I had not hired him. I learned first hand that bankruptcy can be stressful (would of been much more so without the guidance of this team) but thanks to Richard and Cynthias hard work my life is back on track!

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