review from client

As good as advertised

Due to a business failure during the economic downturn, I was forced to file for Chapter 13. My case was sufficiently involved that I decided to go with Attorney Ravosa and his team even though their main office is on the other side of the state. The whole process took much longer than I expected, but that was largely because Attorney Hurley and Attorney Ravosa were extremely thorough in their research and preparation. Whereas the local attorney I had initially consulted had seemed overworked and was rather uncommunicative, I could always count on a relatively prompt and well considered response when I sent the Ravosa team a question. In court, there was a palpable sense that the judge respected Attorney Ravosa’s competence and knowledge of the case. In person, Richard is very personable and professional. A pleasure to deal with. I am extremely grateful to the Ravosa team for the successful, and, in retrospect, very smooth engagement. I recommend them unreservedly.”

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